Friday, March 23, 2012

Looks can be deceiving!!

Looks can be deceiving is the term for any and all who have Celiacs or gluten intolerance. After all, who knows who has what, when we are all experiencing different problems, symptoms and issues. If you look at my photo here, you'd probably think that was coffee and a regular cupcake. Well, it's actually a vanilla chai latte ( organic, mixed with almond milk) with a gluten/ dairy free cupcake! I don't think you could taste what it was missing either because it really was so amazing.... however, our bodies are a lot like this. We may look healthy on the outside but how we are feeling or what our body is telling us may be a totally different story. And sadly, we may not be feeling anything for years to come and then suddenly we are hit with a devastating illness. Maybe we are experiencing something, but we do not know the connection to what is causing it. Most  Dr.'s are hard wired to give drugs and medications rather then to talk about food and diet. So many people describe symptoms that are in that " gluten" list but Dr's do not what is causing it so they are giving patients a drug for that headache,  IBS or skin rash......when in reality, stopping the gluten could easily stop the reaction. 

Being that gluten can be causing 300 symptoms, it is a common connection to many health problems. Since the effects of gluten can be triggered up to 3 days later, it is sure to make anyone doubt the source! I remember going out to eat, having the rolls, and  later complaining that some one must not have washed their hands or the food must have been bad. I can't imagine how many really nice  places I misjudged with that! Some I never went back to because the thought was so horrible. Thankfully, my husband never showed any problems ,so I am sure it was just me. But since some of my kids would also be affected, we just thought he was really blessed to have a " steel" stomach!

 If you know someone who is suffering from the symptoms of gluten ( I'll blog about that another time) then please refer them to see a Dr.  and tell them to  insist on being tested for it.  It's a very easy blood test these days and they could know if it's an autoimmune issue, an intolerance or an allergy. Some of the different symptoms you may experience may be completely different from your friends or as I found out in the case of my child's. Parents complaining of a child who cannot concentrate or who is tired all the time, may not put the connection to gluten it if their friends child that has been tested positive,  has symptoms like failure to grow or IBS symptoms. Though they may very well have the same problem. This is where gluten can be deceiving. 

 However, since gluten isn't a necessary nutrient for living, it wouldn't be too hard to just go off of it for a month or so and give it a try. After all, that is what I did before myself and my son were diagnosed.  If you are just sensitive, you may not have to worry as much as if you are Celiacs. But it is good to know if you have Celiacs because if you do, you are more prone to other autoimmune issues and even cancers. But either way, it can't harm you to go off of it and see if your symptoms improve. Will they go away right away? Probably not, see gluten can stay in the body from 6 months to a year! But you should see really good results in less then a months time. My most noticeable issues was the energy and the lack of headaches!

There is a world of people suffering with this issue but we are not aware of every connection that could be causing it. I am not saying gluten for everyone is horrible, some peoples health issues are connected to other allergies, smoking, food additives, artificial colors or sugars. The world is full of toxins and stress. And as humans we eat and sleep badly!  I am just saying,  if there was more awareness of these symptoms or more automated testing, maybe we would see far less health care issues. We could spend less on drugs and more money on real food! And maybe we could all start to feel a whole lot better! After all, feeling good isn't deceiving!

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